For this test we wanted to see how much wingspan plays a part in getting rebounds. We went to freestyle in 2ku with two identical centers except for the span differences. We placed them in front of the rim side by side. We then shot the ball short from the top of the key. We jumped at the same time and only counted it if they had an equal opportunity to get the rebound. We did 200 rebounds for each “battle”.

Wingspan 1 Wingspan 2 Result
Minimum Default 43.5%/56.5%
Default Maximum 45%/55%
Minimum Maximum 32.5%/67.5%


Shooting Open Shots

We wanted to see if wingspan had an affect on the shots speed or Green window. So we made three shooters with Minimum, Default, and Maximum span and all other attributes were the same. We took 200 threes with each and recorded the stats.

Wingpsan Earliest Green Green Window Make Percentage
Minimum 502 mS 31 mS 51.5%
Default 502 mS 31 mS 51%
Maximum 502 mS 31 mS 52%


Dunking Success

We wanted to see if Wingspan helped with finishing dunks. For this test we took a 6’6 Slasher with no badges and repeatedly dunked in traffic 200 times for each span. We only recorded results from actual dunk attempts.

Wingspan Dunk Success Rate
Minimum 33.5%
Default 38.5%
Maximum 45%



Although it doesn’t show up in the attributes, Changing your span adds a lot of hidden benefits. Based on the results we would recommend always maxing your wingspan no matter what archetype/position you choose. The small bonus in shooting attributes from min wingspan does not make up for worse rebounding, defense, and finishing ability.


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