Green Windows Baseline

We wanted to set a shooting baseline for what you can expect from a 3 point shot without any badges or other outside influences coming into play. For this test we are using the custom controller offline to take samples. For anyone unaware, we have customized a controller to allow us to control down to the millisecond how long the shoot button is pressed. This allows us to sample the earliest point where a shot qualifies to be green until the latest possible point the shot can be green. It is important to note that a perfect release does not guarantee that the shot will be green. The % of shots that are green varies by 3 point rating.All shots in the table below are taken in the corner using the Klay Thompson release. Due to how controlled the test is we are only using a sample of 100 shots at each rating. The table below displays the results for a player with 60, 75 and 90 3 point rating. To view the rating for 90 3 point shot you need to be a premium member.

Earliest Green
Latest Green
Green Window
60 564mS 589mS 25mS
75 561mS 595mS 34mS
90 553mS 598mS 45mS

Corner Specialist

For this test we took 200 wide open standing corner 3s at each badge level with an 80 overall rating.

Badge Level Green % Make %
HoF 23% 58%
Gold 18% 51.5%
Silver 10% 46%
Bronze 9% 43.5%
None 4% 37.5%

Limitless Range

For this test we are using the modded controller and taking 100 samples at each badge level. The shooter has a rating of 92. We took entirely wide open standing shots and set the controller to be a perfect release every time.For details on what the metrics mean click here.

Badge Level Green % Window
HoF 60% 20mS
Gold 51% 17mS
Silver 38% 17mS
Bronze 31% 15mS

Catch & Shoot

For this test we took 200 wide open standing catch and shoot 3s from the same spot on the court at each badge level.

Badge Level Green % Make %
HoF 48% 60%
Gold 39% 54.5%
Silver 30% 49.5%
Bronze 18% 44%
None 4% 37.5%