For this passing test we took 200 3 point shots per badge level with a shooter with an 80 rating. All shots were standing and wide open. The results in the table below show the effect that dimer has on your teammates shooting ability. As you can see the Hall of Fame badge has an enormous impact on your teammates ability to shooting coming off of your pass.

Badge Level Greens % Make %
HoF 12% 59.5%
Gold 9% 55%
Silver 7.5% 52.5%
Bronze 7% 46%
None 4% 37.5%

Pick & Roll Maestro

We release this isn’t a passing test but falls more under the playmaking category. For this test we used an 80 standing midrange rating and testing the shooting and green percentage as well as the green window at each level of the badge. We used Kyle Korver’s jumper to test these.

Badge Make % Window
HoF 62% green
11% white
Gold 50.5% green
11.5% white
Silver 47.5% green
8% white
Bronze 44% green
8% white
None 40.5% green
7.5% white