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Premium Content

Struggling with shooting in NBA2k18? Become a Premium member today to get the best jumpshots in the game! Once you are a member, you can view all of our data below. All the data is collected via our modded controller so it is 100% accurate. YouTubers may give you their opinion on the “best shots” based on their feeling, but we have the hard numbers to back it up. Any member can DM us on Twitter if they have any questions about the data given.


Premium Pages

  • Jumpshot Data
  • – All of our jumpshot info for standing, moving, and post shots.

  • Green Light Game – Updated and working
  • – Practice the timing of your jumpshot on our site via the Green Light Game

  • Corner Builds
  • – View how successful different non sharp shooting builds can be from the corner.

  • Badge Stacking
  • – See how effective badges are when they stack. We have Dimer and Catch and shoot completed.

  • Dribbling
  • – Learn how to chain dribble moves to create space and get by your defender.


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