What position gets dropped?

In ProAm defensive stopped only triggers against your matchup and 1 player in each direction of your matchup. This means as a Small Forward you only drop the Small Forward, Shooting Guard and Power Forward. If you are playing ProAm and you are slotted out of position that does not matter. So if your walk on team ends up with 3 centers and you are position at small forward you will drop 2, 3, and 4 and will not hurt an opposing 5. Because of this we would recommend never making a primary defensive player as a point guard or a center to maximize the number of players on the court that your defensive stopper damages. Park does not play by this same set of rules. In park defensive stopper drops everyone, not just your matchup.

What attributes get dropped?

  • Standing 3
  • Moving 3
  • Contested 3
  • Standing Mid
  • Moving Mid
  • Contested Mid
  • Shot Close
  • Draw Foul
  • Passing Accuracy
  • Passing Vision
  • Post Control
  • Post Hook
  • Post Fade
  • Ball Control

How much do they drop by

  • Hall of Fame – 9
  • Gold – 7
  • Silver – 5
  • Bronze – 3

What badges get dropped?

Badge Dropped?
Acrobat Yes
Tear Dropper Yes
Putback King ?
Pick and Roller ?
Relentless Finisher No
Post Spin Technician Yes
Drop Stepper Yes
Up and Under Specialist Yes
Corner Specialist Yes
Mid Range Deadeye Yes
Deep Range Deadeye Yes
Limitless Range Yes
Difficult Shots Yes
Pick and Popper ?
Tireless Scorer Yes
Catch and Shoot Yes
Ankle Breaker ?
Flashy Passer ?
Break Starter ?
Pick and Roll Maestro ?
Lob City Passer ?
Dimer Yes
Lob City Finisher Yes
Posterizer No
Bruiser No
Brick Wall No
One Man Fast Break ?
Hustle Rebounder No

How much are my opponents badges dropped?

The table below shows how much your defensive stopper badge will drop your matchups badges. Bronze defensive stopper does not drop opponents badge level this year.

My Badge Level Matchups Badge Level Badge Drops to
HoF HoF Bronze
HoF Gold None
HoF Silver None
HoF Bronze None
Gold HoF Silver
Gold Gold Bronze
Gold Silver None
Gold Bronze None
Silver HoF HoF
Silver Gold Gold
Silver Silver Bronze
Silver Bronze None

What about Rim Protector?

Rim protector drops badges this year. Specifically it drops Relentless Finisher, Posterizer and Acrobat. Rim Protector also drops opponents inside scoring attributes like dunking, layups,
contact dunk etc. The amount dropped on these is the same as defensive stopper, so 9 for HoF, 7 for gold, 5 for silver and 3 for bronze. The badges also work the same way as defensive stopper.